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Member Spotlight

Angel Perales 

Company: Prestige Event Service

Member Since: 2022


What or who motivates you in your business?

My best friend, and business partner, Christy is my motivator. She’s one of the few people who unintentionally motivated me to go to bartending school and even step behind a bar. I’ve learned so much about “business” from her, then the classes I took for a year and half at community college for “business.” We share the same goals of wanting to have a better future, for not only ourselves but our families also. This in turn motivates us both to be the best version of ourselves we can!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Spending time with my grandpa. We would go for walks and look for “treasures.” Take hikes in the mountains or explore the desert with his dog, Spencer. Sit on the balcony and watch the desert rainstorms roll in, breathing in the fresh wet soil smells. Overall, just being outside in nature with him was the best.

What is your favorite season and why?

Fall! Hands down! The colors. The smells. The feels. The festivities! The weather is an eerie cozy mix of warm and cool, perfect for Halloween! And let's be honest, the food is always better around the holidays!

What is your “Death Row Meal”?

Speaking of food, I've truly asked myself this question numerous times “growing up.” My answer will forever be, what I dub, the unofficial culinary trinity: Steak, potatoes, and salad. A thick cut Ribeye, New York Strip, or Tomahawk steak. Cooked juicy medium rare to medium, basted in garlic peppercorn buttery goodness. Paired with a salted crusted fully loaded baked potato, and a refreshing garden salad with a lime. Chased by a fruity and robust sangria or punch. Complete with a cream cheese frosted carrot cake.

Do you have a favorite type of exercise?

Raving, clubbing, and dancing! Best way to exercise the mind, body, and soul! An hour at the gym is tasking. Four plus hours on a club dance floor creating priceless memories?! Say less!  Also, it opens the opportunity to truly appreciate what it means to: live in the moment. You never know who you'll run into on the dance floor.

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