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Member Spotlight

Richard McClure

Company: AVSD Productions

Member Since: 2015

Website: www.avsdpro.com

Email: richard@avsdpro.com

What is your favorite childhood memory?

In the back yard of our home in NY State, there was a large rock shaped like a stage coach and we played on that all the time.  We used to sit in apple crates in the apple orchard across our street and eat apples.  I guess growing up in the country was just completely full of great memories.  (I should probably call my mom now and tell her what a great childhood I had.)

During your time as a wedding professional, what has been your most touching or panic inducing experience?

The best wedding I ever went to was on a golf course on the 18th whole.  The bride had a child with the groom years before.  I have to tell you that the sun was out but it wasn’t hot.  A few clouds in the sky and one or two birds flying by.  There was one tree behind me where I was in the shade.  The priest went through the ceremony and got to a point where he asked the little girl to join them, he said, “God wants you to know how important family is.”  When he said that approximately 200 birds flew from the tree that was behind me and went over the wedding party. It was like god saying, you need to get it that family is really important.

What was the best vacation you ever took and why?

I really liked going to Belgium on a bike/barge tour. We got to ride bikes through the country side and explore.  On the way back we spent two days in Iceland and did the mud baths there.  The funniest thing was hearing siri pronounce the street names as it gave directions.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Workaholic, Tired, Funny.

What or who motivates you in your business?

I married so far out of my league that I am always trying to impress her.

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