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Member Spotlight

Ricardo Tomás

Company: Lorraine Tomas Weddings

Member Since: 2012

Website: www.lorrainetomas.com

Email: Ricardo@LorraineTomas.com

Are you a morning or a night person?

I am definitely a night OWL person since my world revolves around wedding reception times and my mind gets more creative at night which means late nights working on client emails, task lists, reception floor plans, etc.!!!

If you could switch vendor roles with someone for a day, what role would you choose and why?

Well…the stage is my life and I love to entertain people so, if I had a decent singing voice and because I love to dance, I would love to sing in a band and strut those “Proud Mary” dance moves while singing/lip syncing my heart out. 

What is your favorite genre of music?

Ok, don't laugh…funny as it sounds, “Disney” hits…singing along to these hits gives me peace of mind, takes me back to my younger days and takes me away from the real world for just a brief moment and also because I am a BIG Disney fan!! 

What is something you wish you could be good at?

This has always been a dream of mine so, I have to say it is wanting to be a professional figure skater.  Every time I watch the Olympic skaters, I love how they combine their theatrical artistry and musicality along with athleticism and simply glide along the ice to give the audience an effortless and well-choreographed presentation.  A fitness plus is that my genetically skinny legs would get quite a leg and bum makeover!

What was your inspiration for becoming a part of the event/wedding industry?

Great question and I still love to answer this even after 18 years…. it’s the fact that I am a “People Person” and the one thing that drives me is the passion I have for the wedding industry and some of the great friends I have made through SWP that I now consider my “Chosen Family”!  The fact that this is an emotionally driven business is the reason why I do and love what I do because my couples inspire me with their personal love stories which take each of them down their own individual wedding journey.

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